Fantastically Good Parsers for Drafts

One of the small, but powerful for which I use Drafts is sending multiple events to my calendars. And for a long time, I’ve used the power of Drafts’ automation to send those events to my calendar via Fantastical. That is until Peter Davison-Reiber created something amazing. The great thing about using Fantastical for this … Continue reading “Fantastically Good Parsers for Drafts”

Drafts 5.2 – The Navigation Update

I really like seeing the pace of Drafts development. I can’t remember exactly where I heard Greg talk about it, but with the subscription model, he no longer has to wait a long period of time for big updates to drop new features; the releases can be done quickly, with focused changes in each one. … Continue reading “Drafts 5.2 – The Navigation Update”