I am a husband to a beautiful wife (in every sense of the word), a proud father to 2 wonderful sons whom are 11 years apart, and have a fantastic puppy.

In my day job, I’m a mechanical engineer. I love technology, gadgets, photography, and writing. I’m in that period of my life where I’m figuring things out, discovering what and who I really want to be, and striving to be a better person to all those around me.



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One thought on “About”

  1. Hey Tim,

    I now forwarded your excellent 2do article the third time, which is where I am obliged to say that I owe you a beer should you ever happen to visit Hannover, Germany ;-)…
    Of course, this now is the chance to comment on your writing, having used 2Do for quite a stretch now:

    – the major reason you’d want to sync through Reminders is the seamless integration with calendaring solutions like fantastical. You can also check off things there and timed tasks are displayed inline, taking the hassle out of checking both your schedule and your task list. The biggest issue with this solution is that one should not try to manipulate the tasks anywhere outside of 2do: since the app is saving a whole lot more into reminders than the Apple app is intended to hold, changes in Reminders or other apps like Desktop informant, Fantastical or BusyCal could effectively mess up your 2Do tasks. That said, checking off is always possible.

    However, I will keep reading your thoughts, now that I’ve found them helpful.

    All the best,


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