Remember One Thing

In light of the events of today, like so many days before it, I have to reflect on how these actions affect my thinking.

I could get political. I could get upset. I could get angry.1 I can get frustrated with all of it. I can feel sadness for those that have lost friends or loved ones to senseless violence. I can feel sorrow that things won't be done to help solve it. I can feel a lot of things.

And today, I have all the feels.

So in times like this, it is important to remember one thing: any time you talk to someone you love and care about, make sure that you tell them or show them, in your own way, how you feel. You may never get the chance to do it again.

And to those that fester and plot to hurt others, remember this: even if you don't agree with them, get along with them — even if you feel that you hate them — you can still let them know that you're a good human by leaving them alone. We all have differences, and committing these senseless acts of violence is heartbreaking for humanity.

This is not the future I want for my children. I hope and pray that things will change, that this festering hatred toward one another goes away. I want to run home and hug them and keep them safe the best that I can. If we would all just be good humans to one another, maybe this would be a better time and place to live. Until then, I want to go to Hangover Island to get away from it all…