Piques of the Week - Volume 3

Here’s a few things that are piquing my interests this week:

Monoprice Fastening Tape

Jeff Mueller mentioned this life hack to me after he purchased the same backpack that I did a few weeks ago. By using this, you can get rid of the flapping straps using simple fastening tape.[^1]

I ended up purchasing the yellow version because I not only wanted to have something other than plain black, but I wanted something that would help me easily identify my bag if I ever needed to check it or set it somewhere.[^2]

Not a bad deal for about $5.


This app was of zero use to me when I picked it up. I’ve never really warmed up to having a clipboard manager before. But that was before Gabe had another terrific idea for using it not only as a text replacement tool[3], but for something that holds affiliate links, animated GIFs, email signatures, etc. I’ve moved a lot of stuff out of Drafts that really belonged in a clipboard manager.

To unlock the power of Copied, you'll need to get the $2 IAP. This unlocks the ability to have multiple lists of your choosing, backups to iCloud for syncing your iOS devices.[4] This has been so helpful to me in just such a short time. I highly recommend picking this up.


How on earth did I run my site without Coda?

Coda is from the fine folks over at Panic, makers of other fine apps like Prompt, and Transmit.[5]

Coda is an editor for multiple web languages; I’ve been using it for HTML & CSS. It is specifically designed to manage your site via FTP, allowing you to manipulate & customize your site. I’m just barely scratching the surface, but I can already appreciate what it will help me do in the future.

  1. or what you might call Velcro®  ↩

  2. Also, that makes my bag grey & yellow. Notice anything?  ↩

  3. in the wake of the TextExpander 6 fallout  ↩

  4. There’s a separate app for Copied on the Mac that you’ll need to buy if you use a Mac. It syncs using iCloud. I’ve not used it, but I also don’t regularly use a Mac.  ↩

  5. There are also Mac apps for Coda and Transmit if you’re interested in those.  ↩