Perfectly Mobile

In this modern world, I love the idea of mobile computing. And for the longest time, I was doing just that with my iPad nano (a.k.a. the iPhone Plus). Then I added an external keyboard, and things started to improve for my productivity. I started envisioning a future of an iPhone Pro, where iPad features were added to a smaller form factor. For a long time, I thought that would be all I needed. After a long while of some self-searching, and some poking and prodding by my co-host, I really started down the path of wanting an iPad Pro. The allure of it captured my imagination of what could be possible from a larger workstation. How much better could my daily workflows be? What are the limits I'm facing now, and how could those limits be shattered on this new device? Now I don't have to be eager to find out.

I am finding out. Finally.

I now have my iPad Pro (9.7"), along with a Logitech Create Keyboard and an Apple Pencil. My workstation is now perfectly mobile. I can take it anywhere, along with my iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch, and Beatsx earphones. A complete ecosystem of devices to allow me to be anywhere and everywhere, all while fitting everything into my backpack, including the cables and chargers. It is a powerhouse of portability and capability that just keeps getting better.

It took a while to get to this point. There was a lot of justification of the need and showing restraint, as opposed to giving in and satisfying my child-like want. It became more of a need as time has gone along,1 and now that I have it, I don't want to go back to life without it. I'm like a child that has discovered the power of Lego for the first time, but now it's all just ones and zeros. Digital (keyboard) and analog (pencil) inputs. Workflows and actions. Apps and systems. Simplicity and power.

Let's see where this new portable power takes me…

  1. We've been without a proper computer for over a year now. The last one died in a fire pool of water.