2Do Workflows

I've been asked a lot lately where people can get the workflows I've developed utilizing Workflow, Drafts, and 2Do for the creation of tasks, projects, and checklists.

In short, they use the input from Drafts, which takes the [[title]] tag and places it on the clipboard, then passes the [[body]] to Workflow. For each line, the | delimiter for the notes of a given item.

Here are the latest Workflow workflows1 and Drafts actions I've created for input, all in one handy place:


Workflow Drafts Action


Workflow Drafts Action


Workflow Drafts Action

These can be customized to suit your needs. You could have multiple | delimiters to add tags or due dates/times or start dates; all you need to do is modify the workflow to include them.2 You can also make a Drafts Action Set.

Go forth and automate your productivity!

Update: I forgot that you will also need to have the remove blank lines action installed for the Drafts actions to work. I did that in case I had multiple blank lines in the draft. Sorry this wasn’t included before.