Lazy Markdown

No, this isn’t a new fork of Markdown. This is just a better way of doing things.

Jeff Mueller recently came up with a clever way to use Workflow to help pull in links after writing a post in Drafts. It’s seriously a fantastic idea that I wish I had thought of before.

After he sent it to me to check out, I thought of another use of Markdown links that I use: Blink affiliate links. After some quick changes to Jeff’s original workflow, I came up with a new one that allows you to select where the link is coming from: you can choose Search, Blink, or manual entry of the URL (note that this requires Workflow 1.5.1 to work).[1]

This is extremely helpful for writing. As Jeff said:

“I love these workflows because they let me focus on writing. The research can come later.”

And he’s 100% right. Little hooks like this allow me to focus on writing, rather than doing all of the little things. It’s the reason why Drafts is my main text editor, and I keep finding more and more reasons to keep using it.

  1. I am hopeful that the same functionality will come with a future update of Associate and that Workflow will implement this quickly so I can incorporate Amazon links too.  ↩

Automated Tables

When I write most anything, I’m writing in MultiMarkdown. It’s a “superset” of Markdown, giving you more options to create text formatting with ease: features like tables, footnotes, and citations are simple to create, but can greatly enhance your writing. The use of tables is a feature that I don’t often use, but probably should. There are many times that I would like to use a table, but I often get the setup wrong and just give up, very frustrated.

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Rolling Your Own

Journaling has been something that has been difficult for me to get into. I’m still not great at it. I often forget to do it, and then when I remember, it’s cumbersome to make it happen. I’ve never kept a physical journal for any length of time, mainly because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to journal.

There are a lot of apps out there for journaling, but I’ve only tried Day One and Momento. A lot of people love those apps, and they get the job done. But for me, they never really captured my interest to write, defeating the purpose of a journal.

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