Gold Is Best

From Yahoo Finance:

"Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold — well over a ton.

At the current spot price of $1,229.80 per troy ounce of gold, Apple recovered just under $40 million in gold from old phones and computers."

Liam was well worth the investment.

The Distraction of Inadequacy

One of the biggest questions that I have had regarding my use of 2Do as my task management system of choice is how, with a plethora of other solutions, I arrived at this one. When I started, my old system was not handling what I needed to get done. I looked at what other people were doing, what they were accomplishing, and wanted to know what solution they found to get their tasks done.

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The Right Tool for the Job

There has been growing discussion lately about apps of choice, why you should choose them, and which apps are better. I’ve talked about my affection for 2Do and Drafts at length, and I get asked often about moving to these apps because of what I’ve written. And while that is a humbling thing to know what I write helps people and is something that I immensely appreciate, I usually respond in the same way:

“[This app] isn’t for everyone. Use what works best for you.”
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