Some Drafts Theme Updates

Since the very recent release of Drafts 26 there have been a couple of changes to theming in Drafts that make creation, modification, and switching easier.

After appearing on the Automators podcast, I shared my module-switching action group, which included the scripts to switch themes based on workspaces. I wished that this feature get rolled into the workspace manager, and although there are a few complications with doing it this way, I think it will be better overall for users now that it has been added.

Within the workspace manager, choose any workspace, scroll to the bottom of the settings, and you’ll find the place where you can set both the light and dark theme you want to load when that workspace is selected. This does come with one small catch: you’ll need to do this with most of your workspaces. If you don’t do that, when you switch to a different workspace that doesn’t have one set, it will retain the set workspace. I personally have all mine set and have removed the scripts for the Module action group. You can set the Default workspace to your default themes as well.

But that’s not the big news here. The big news is the new Drafts Theme Builder, an online tool which does a fantastic job of setting all the different colors you’d want in a theme. It’s pretty easy to use, even without the tutorial explaining things. There are some very nice additions to it as well: you can import your own theme as a file, modify it, and either import into Drafts or export as a file. But the method that I like using is importing the theme from the Directory straight into the Theme Builder for modification using the provided link on the theme page. This means that you can take any of your favorite themes that you find on the directory, import it into the Theme Builder, modify it to create your own, and then import it to Drafts; if you like the way it looks, you can export that theme right to the Directory. I’ve done this a lot more frequently with my own themes, and the tool has made the whole process easier.

This means you don’t need to use a JSON file editor to create your themes (though you will need to do that with syntaxes), and it’s a much more visual, user-friendly way of creating them. My only wish for themes in its current implementation: an interface integrated into Drafts itself. But until that happens, I’m extremely pleased with this online creation tool and the improvements made to my workflow.

It’s time for you to go forth and create your perfect theme!

Clear Spaces for a Clear Mind

I get asked often for what’s on my Home Screen: what apps, what wallpaper, what layout. Now with iOS 14, I’m asked about my widget setup as well. I’ve shared some updates through posts and social media sporadically. A lot of my current setup is visually unchanged (except the wallpaper), but I wanted to cover the why of the Home Screen – where apps/widgets are placed, what stacks are being used, and now I’m using them together for a more streamlined, productive setup.
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Drafts 15

Drafts 15 has been released to support both iOS and the new iPadOS 13. And as it is with the major releases, I had the opportunity to write about it over at MacStories.

I encourage everyone to go read it there, but wanted to offer a couple of highlights:

  • Enhanced Shortcuts Support: the support for Shortcuts has been very well implemented and enables users to not only create, but to pull from drafts without opening Drafts itself.
  • Multiwindow Support for iPadOS: this is another game-changing feature, and is the cornerstone of this release. This will empower users to create new ways of working on their iPad, allowing users to integrate Drafts into more of their daily lives. I give a few examples here. For more on how Multiwindow works, I recommend reading Federico’s review and watching Chris Lawley’s video, which provide the overview for all of iOS/iPadOS 13.
  • Updated Interface: there are a multitude of improvements here, from iconography to re-written UI to contextual menus, new in iOS 13.

This is a fantastic update, and has once again changed the way I use my devices with Drafts. In addition, it’s streamlined my workflows and opened up new possibilities for me. I hope that everyone finds more and more use cases for Drafts going forward.

GoodTask 4.5: Checking All the Boxes

Over the course of the last year, I had transitioned away from GoodTask to Things, then Todoist, then back to Things. I might have even missed a quick affair with OmniFocus as well. But I digress.

GoodTask has been my long-time favorite Reminders client. From the surprise the first time I started really using it to now, it has made improvement after improvement in both functionality and appearance settings (love me those themes) on all platforms – iOS, macOS, and the Apple Watch. I was inclined to go back to GoodTask when the Apple Watch app was updated, so I moved everything over there in the beta. I had mentioned to the developer that there were a couple features which I was missing from Things, but I was very happy with the improvements to the apps. Those suggestions plus others were carefully considered, because they are now in the version 4.5 update of the app.
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